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Choosing a Commercial Electric Pressure Washer (Demo)

Choosing a Commercial Electric Pressure Washer

When you need a commercial electric pressure washer, you will find several options on the market. You can choose from the Canpump, CAT, AR, or Sun Joe. All of these models are designed to clean a variety of surfaces. Here is a comparison of each model and the features that they provide.


commercial electric pressure washer

The Canpump electric cold water pressure washer kit is a great choice for general shop use. Its 30-foot hose gun and five nozzles will give you the power you need for washing pavement, siding, decks, and other surfaces. It also has a brass manifold for a convenient garden hose connection.

This pressure washer is packed with features, including a heater element to prevent overheating, and an adjustable nozzle. It also comes with pneumatic wheels for easy mobility and stability. A monster hose can be fitted snugly into the sturdy frame. If you need to clean large surfaces, you can also opt for the Karcher power washer, which features a detergent tank and a Vario wand.


It is a great investment if you’re a professional in the cleaning industry. It has the durability and performance you need for a wide variety of jobs. And the best part is that you can use it indoors! Electric machines are more convenient, quiet, and easier to maintain than their gasoline counterparts. However, they are also more expensive to acquire.

The CAT 1800 PSI electric pressure washer has a patented 5-piston pump that generates the highest water flow per PSI. This ensures that you get the best possible cleaning power. With high water flow and high pressure, the CAT 1800 PSI pressure washer is more than up to the task. Whether you’re cleaning paint, stripping paint, or cleaning patios, this model has the power to take on the job.


When choosing an AR commercial electric pressure washer, you need to take a few important factors into consideration. The machine’s design should include easy-to-use quick-connect fittings and a high-quality spray gun. You also need to look at the included attachments. The included spray gun, hose and wheels should be of high quality and durable. You should also choose an induction motor to eliminate the need for extension cords.

One of the most popular uses of the big power washers and hot-water models is on heavily-trafficked city sidewalks. Regular cleaning will make these areas safer for pedestrians and drivers, especially in wet weather. The machine’s high-pressure water will remove grime and other debris and make them safer to walk on.

Sun Joe

The Sun Joe commercial electric pressure washer is a powerful, easy-to-use power tool that delivers a high-pressure cleaning solution with the convenience of a carry handle. Its 25-foot steel-reinforced high-pressure hose pipe and 35-foot power cord help you tackle tough cleaning jobs in a variety of situations. The pressure washer also features a 2-year warranty.

The SPX3001 features a built-in hose wheel and on-board storage. The hose reel is easy to operate with a crank, but it may get stuck if you’re not careful. It might also tip over if you use it incorrectly.

Commercial Electric Pressure Washer
Commercial Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe’s PRO Series

The SPX9009-PRO from Sun Joe comes with a classic ergonomic spray gun and wand, along with 5 nozzles. This pressure washer also features a detergent injection nozzle and a 25-foot high-pressure hose. The SPX9009-PRO also comes with a thermal relief valve and a storage compartment for accessories.

The SPX9009-PRO features a 13.5-amp induction motor and can deliver 1800 PSI of pressure at 1.6 GPM. For even greater cleaning power, the SPX9009-PRO is equipped with a 1-gal water tank and an on-board hose reel. This pressure washer is also covered by a two-year warranty.

Sun Joe’s SPX9007-PRO-RM

The Sun Joe SPX9007-PRO-RM is a powerful commercial electric pressure washer, and a great value for the price. It combines high PSI with high GPM and comes with a stainless steel or brass pressure wand. It also comes with 5 quick connect spray nozzles and two detergent tanks. The Sun Joe comes with everything you need, right out of the box.

The Sun Joe SPX9007-PRO-RM commercial series electric pressure washer offers an impressive 1,800 PSI. Its direct-drive crank-shaft motor features a brushless induction motor, and its 25-foot steel-reinforced high-pressure hose is durable. It has a 35-foot power cord.

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