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Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning or your business requires regular cleanings, you can count on us to get the job done. Our professionals at A+ PRO SERVICES provide pressure washing, soft washing, window cleaning only, EZE Breeze Porch Enclosures cleaning needs. Serving: Shallotte, Horry, New Hanover, Holden Beach, Southport, Sunset, Ocean Isle including St. James Plantations, Brunswick and Surrounding Counties


Pressure washing often referred to as power washing, is the easiest way to make a home look new again. Washing off years of mold, mildew, and grime has a huge impact on the look of any building. As well as improving aesthetics, good pressure washing is also an important part of the preventative maintenance needed to keep a home standing strong year after year.

Mold and mildew that build up in the nooks and crannies of a home can foster rot and deterioration that can severely damage a home over the years. A professional power washer knows the areas on a home that need special attention and knows how to clean these areas without causing any damage.


Glass is increasingly the facade of choice on many commercial buildings. It adds beauty and bright working spaces. When not properly maintained, Air contaminants, concrete runoff, roadway debris and hard water deposits contribute to surface buildup on glass. It is imperative to keep glass clean! When glass restoration is required, we employ our Glass Renu mechanical polishing systems and can even perform scratch removal. A+ Pro has window cleaning covered with telescopic pure water systems, aerial boom lifts, rope descent systems,and ladders of all kinds. Safety work plans always come first and all window cleaning processes are customized for you.


Waterproofing and Concrete Block and Facade Sealing is an application of a clear penetrating multi-purpose concrete sealer that is 100% water based and contains no solvents. It’s an Eco-Friendly material with the viscosity similar to water. It is NON-SLIPPERY, NON-HAZARDOUS, NO SHEEN. It is Odorless and UV Resistant. After a building wash, sealant material is applied to prevent the reemergence of stains and keep building surfaces clean for longer periods of time.

Applications: Foundation Walls (concrete, block, precast), Above & Below Grade, concrete buildings, sidewalks, patios, crawl spaces, pools, any porous concrete vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Rate is per square foot.


A+ Pro was approached with interior janitorial opportunities back in 2013 when one of our Property Owners Associations needed a firm they could depend on. We are special when it comes to janitorial, its all about the relationship. By working together, municipalities and communities are fit with just the right janitorial personnel that are 100% committed to their project. Then, by engaging our exterior cleaning services, we can offer a customized turn-key cleaning package that ensures dependability. Budget numbers and priority scheduling are always on time. We keep a close eye on your property and recommend repairs and maintenance options when needed. Find out why with A+ Commercial Cleaning packages you can commit.., and forget it!


Solar panel cleaning is a young and growing industry. As solar is adopted, so is the need for solar panel cleaning. Solar panel cleaning is limited to a standard solar panel and is applicable to the residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale segments.

Disruptive innovations like Ubiquitous PV transparent windows, Envelon’s PV facades, and GAF Energy’s first nailable shingle are disrupting the solar panel cleaning industry. How will the solar panel cleaning industry be segmented in the very near future?


A+ Pro has been serving some of our most affluent communities, municipalities and property owners associations with cleaning operations since 2013. These organizations trust us with multi year commitments that ensure they receive janitorial and exterior cleaning of their structures, monuments, roadways, pools and nature paths. A+ Pro has proven to be a dependable resource for keeping your common areas looking sharp. When engaging with A+ Pro in multiyear commitments, you enjoy priority scheduling, bulk pricing and hassle free dependability with A+ standards. We have excellent references and have built wonderful relationships with our neighboring communities.