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980 Whiteville Rd NW, Shallotte, NC 28470

Kicking Off Our 25th Year

2024 is here and we’re all especially excited as it is our 25th year in business! Make sure you stay subscribed to our “Sheila Moment” emails, we’ll be doing special announcements and promotions to celebrate 25 years of making your home shine!
Beat The Crowd & Schedule Your Annual Services Now!

Not sure what you need done this year? Here’s what Sheila recommends.

House Washing– We recommend that you have your house washed at least once annually.

Pro Tip: Enjoy a clean house longer by having us back after 6 months to wash your porches and entryways!

Window Cleaning– We recommend having your windows cleaned a minimum of twice a year. Some customers have us monthly!

Pro Tip: One full window cleaning inside and out maintains the functionality of your window while a second exterior only cleaning 6 months later keeps your view clear.

Gutter Cleaning– We recommend having your gutters cleaned twice to four times annually depending on the amount of adjacent tree canopy.

Pro Tip: Did you know pine trees shed a majority of their needles in the summer?

Eze Breeze Cleaning– We follow the recommended cleaning procedure straight from the manufacturer, PGT. They recommend a minimum of two cleanings per year.

Pro Tip: Did you know the vinyl panels in Eze Breeze rooms can stain? Postponing regular maintenance cleanings can cause irreversible damage.

Driveway Cleaning– Driveways should be cleaned every other year. Things like nearby trees and irrigation can impact the frequency.

Pro Tip: Are you seeing iron staining from surrounding landscape irrigation? We have additional products we can apply during our driveway service to brighten the appearance of stains.

Algae Removal Of Roof Shingles– We recommend having your roof professionally soft washed every 5-7 years.

Pro Tip: Preventing damage caused by algae greatly prolongs the life of your roof and can save you money!