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The Best Solution For Cleaning Outside Windows (Demo)

best solution for cleaning outside windows

Keeping your windows clean can be a chore, but there are many solutions to make it easy. These include using a commercial cleaner, a squeegee, and a power washer. While these products may be expensive, they are effective and easy to use.

White vinegar

Using vinegar to clean outside windows has a few advantages. It’s cheap, safe to use around children and pets, and it cuts through grime and grease. It’s also a good way to remove mineral deposits. You can even use it to remove toothpaste from a mirror.

Besides cleaning your windows, vinegar can be used on many other surfaces, including laminate countertops and showers. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about ruining your carpet or furniture.

For the best results, mix a cup of white vinegar with about half a cup of distilled water in a bucket. This mixture will provide a streak-free shine on most types of windows. You can even combine a bit of soap with the solution for a more powerful clean.


Using a squeegee for cleaning outside windows is the best solution for removing dirt and streaks. A squeegee is a piece of rubber with a blade on the end. The blade has a rubber edge that holds the water and scrubs it away. Generally, a hard rubber blade works better in hot climates, but a soft rubber is good for most areas.

A squeegee is easy to use. However, you should make sure it is clean. You can either clean your squeegee with a sponge or a lint-free cloth. You should also rinse your squeegee between passes.

A squeegee should be held at an angle. The angle should be a 45 degree angle, so the rubber will be in contact with the top of the glass.

Power washer

Using a power washer as a way to clean outside windows is not only safer, it can be faster than doing it with a bucket. There are a few precautions to take, however.

First, you should check your windows for cracks and other blemishes. You should also check the caulking around the window frame. If you have a wooden window frame, you should also check for window putty. Then, you should use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any leftover water.

In addition, you should make sure that you use a nozzle that is the right size. Most pressure washers have a wide range of settings. Using the wrong one can cause damage to your home. The best option is to use a low-pressure nozzle.

Another good idea is to use a brush attachment. This is an inexpensive add-on that can increase the cleaning capacity of the machine.

Magnetic window cleaner

Using a Magnetic Window Cleaner can make cleaning outside windows a lot easier. However, you should be careful when using these products. Depending on the strength of the magnets, you may end up with streaks or deep scratches.

It’s possible to clean your windows with a simple microfiber cloth. This will remove streaks and dust from the surface of the glass. You can also use soapy water to help the cleaning process.

Another type of window cleaner is a glider, which is made up of two pieces. The inner part slides through the window while the outer part sweeps away the debris. The glider is great for removing streaks and dirt from double paned windows.

Some of the more expensive options are equipped with a remote, which makes cleaning a breeze. It also comes with two microfiber cloths and a safety string, which prevents the outer part from falling.

Commercial cleanser

Regardless of whether you’re cleaning your windows on your own or hiring a professional to do the job, there are a few things you should know about the chemicals and techniques you’ll be using. By knowing the facts, you can better determine the best cleaning products for your windows.

Some of the best cleaning products for exterior windows include commercial cleanser, a sponge mop, and a power washer. They’ll cut through the dirt and debris to leave your windows streak-free.

Depending on your window size and location, you may need to perform several washings. In areas where the water is hard, mineral deposits can form on the glass. For this reason, it’s best to wash outside windows at least twice a year.

First, you need to remove any large chunks of debris. You can use a hose, a cloth, or a telescoping pole to do this.

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