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The Best Way of Window Cleaning (Demo)

The Best Way of Window Cleaning


Window cleaning can be a pain, but it’s a necessary evil. You want your windows to be clean so you can see out of them, but you don’t want to spend hours on the task. Here is the best way to clean your windows so they’ll be sparkling in no time!

First, you’ll need a bucket of lukewarm water and a clean rag. Dip the rag in the water and wring it out so it’s just barely damp. Next, you’ll need some vinegar (distilled white works best) and window cleaner (yes, homemade is better – click here for the recipe ). Mix equal parts of each liquid in your bucket to create an all-purpose cleaning solution.

Now that everything’s assembled, grab your ladder or step stool. You don’t want to use anything high-sided like an ottoman because if you fall while trying to clean your windows, not only will you break the glass, but you could also get seriously hurt. Make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves before cleaning!

Window Cleaning Service
Window Cleaning Service

Start by washing the window panes closest to you. It’s important not to wash out toward the edge of your pane, because if you miss a spot where it’ll dry streaky. Soapy streaks can also cause dirty water to run down the side of your glass, making them harder to clean later. Take your time doing this part — you don’t want any leftovers from the all-purpose solution dripping on your freshly cleaned surface! Wipe away any extra liquid with a separate rag or paper towels.

Next, move on to washing the outside of each window frame using your first rag and cleaning mixture. When all frames are done, rinse off both rags in your bucket and wring them out again so they’re just damp.

Now, you’re ready to clean the glass itself. With a new rag and cleaning solution, wet one section of your window at a time and wipe it dry with another fresh rag or paper towel. Be sure not to leave any water spots on your pane — if you notice some forming as you work, simply rewet the area and do a more thorough job drying it with your second damp rag. If there are still streaks after you’ve done this, use a razor blade scraper (just be careful not to scratch the glass). Once all windows are sparkling, move onto your window frames again.

Tips for window cleaning:

  • If you have heavy soap splatters that are tough to remove, spray with vinegar before washing with water/alcohol mixture. The soap will come right off once removed with either method!
  • Keep a few paper towels handy while washing your windows because there may be streaks left behind by the chemical reaction between the alcohol and window.
  • If you do not have any newsprint, but still want to use a newspaper, try using the comics or coupons — no one will miss those! 🙂
  • For really tough spots like bird droppings, Windex works too! (I meant that as a joke.. but I guess it could work?)
  • Ask family members or roommates to help you wash windows – it is much easier with 2 people.

That’s it! You’re done. Just toss your dirty rags in the wash and you’re ready to tackle another window washing project in your house. Say goodbye to time-consuming window cleaning with this easy process that takes just minutes per pane once you get into a rhythm.

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