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The Best Window Cleaner For Exterior Windows (Demo)

best window cleaner for exterior windows

If you are looking for the best window cleaner for exterior windows, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with a number of different options that you can choose from. Each of these products is specially formulated to provide the best possible results for your windows. These products are also very easy to use. They are made with a combination of a squeegee and a scrubber, making them a breeze to use on windows of all shapes and sizes.

Hope’s Perfect Glass

The Perfect Glass is an ammonia free glass cleaner. It provides a streak free shine to glass and is also suitable for tinted windows.

This product is available from several major retailers and online. However, it is a little more expensive than some competitors.

For those who do not want to invest in the pricier product, there are many ammonia free alternatives. Some of them are available at local home improvement stores or on Amazon. In addition, there is a simple and inexpensive homemade version.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense ammonia free glass cleaner, you might want to try the Cinch brand. The formula is very effective, and it’s made especially for small children.

Ammonia is not a pleasant smell, but it’s effective at cutting through dirt and grease. However, it can irritate your respiratory system if it gets into your breathing apparatus.


If you want to clean your exterior windows, there are several types of window cleaner to choose from. Windex is one of the best. It’s powerful enough to remove grease, food stains, and smudges. You don’t have to worry about streaking or dullness, as it leaves a crystal-clear view.

Before you can start cleaning, make sure you have a lint-free cloth. A microfiber towel is ideal because it has fibers that are smaller than those of human hair.

Windex(r) outdoor glass cleaner comes in a specially designed spray bottle. This product attaches to a garden hose, making it easy to clean your windows. Unlike other cleaners, Windex(r) Outdoor won’t harm plants.

Windex Outdoor Surface & Glass Cleaner is made to be tough on dirt. The nozzle attaches to a garden hose, so there’s no need for buckets.

Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner

A glass cleaner is a special product designed to clean the glass in your home. It is used to remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints from the glass. You can find glass cleaners in a variety of forms, from spray bottles to pressurized cans. Some glass cleaners come with a cloth for wiping the glass.

Glass cleaners are most commonly found in a liquid form. They are ideal for many household tasks, including cleaning mirrors, car windows, and lenses. However, you should always check the ingredients before purchasing a particular glass cleaner. Some contain toxic chemicals that can damage your window tint. Other products contain chemicals that can irritate your skin or lungs.

Ammonia-based solutions are effective at breaking down grease and grime. They can also help remove tough marks.

Unger’s combination scrubber and squeegee

If you need a high-quality combination scrubber and squeegee for exterior windows, there are several options available from Unger. These are designed to remove debris from glass and provide a tight seal. The telescopic pole and durable head can be used for outdoor and indoor applications.

If you are in need of a squeegee for a car window, look for one with a wide blade. This makes it easier to clean a wider surface. It also helps maximize efficiency.

The ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee from Unger is a high-quality squeegee with an ergonomic handle. It features a lightweight T6 channel, which can be adjusted to 36 inches.

For even more versatility, this squeegee can be attached to an Unger Locking Cone Pole. Also, it can be used with any Unger StripWasher(r) Sleeve.

Commercial window cleaners

Commercial window cleaners play an important role in keeping your business’ exterior windows clean. A dirty storefront can turn customers away and a well-maintained property will improve the ambiance and overall appeal of your building. However, not all companies offer the same services, so it’s best to shop around.

Unlike household cleaning, commercial window washing requires professional equipment. Aside from the usual squeegee, scrubber and microfiber cloth, you may want to consider some specialized options.

First and foremost, your window needs to be cleaned to avoid premature wear and tear. This is especially true if your window is covered by a UV coating. In fact, your window might need to be cleaned at least twice a year, if not more.

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