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The Best Window Washer Tools (Demo)

best window washer tools

Whether you’re a professional or amateur, there are tools that can make the job of window washing easier and quicker. Some of the best tools include a telescopic washing brush, a Microfiber cloth, and a Squeegee. You can find these tools at any store that sells housewares or cleaning products.

Ettore 17050

Besides being the first of its kind, the Ettore 17050 has a few other tricks up its sleeve. It comes with two separate cleaning heads that will let you clean windows and shower doors without having to worry about dripping water. The squeegee itself has a replaceable rubber blade for streak free results. This may be the best window cleaning kit on the market. You will also get a 42-inch extension pole, a 12-inch all-purpose squeegee, and a 10-inch microfiber washcloth.

The Ettore 17050 isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny. You will be amazed at how effective it is at getting rid of surface dirt and stains. It can clean windows, mirrors, and even shower doors. It even has a clever squeegee that you can attach microfiber cloths to.

CM Concepts telescopic washing brush

CM Concepts Telescopic Window Washer Brush Kit with Super Squeegee has a 3-section, telescoping pole with adjustable length. It includes two rubber squeegees, a scrubber and two microfiber scrubbers. It weighs only 1.1 pounds and is perfect for cleaning windows, screens, and doors. It also comes with a bonus pack of microfiber cloths. This window washer brush is designed to clean dry and wet surfaces. It has a flexible brush head that can be used to clean all sides of the window. Its rubber lips ensure streak free gleam.

This CM Concepts cleaning kit also includes a scrubber and a 12-inch squeegee blade. Its scrubbing pad works best with soapy water to remove stubborn debris. It can be attached separately to the pole or combined with the squeegee.

Beldray 150 Years 2 in 1 Floor and Window Cleaner

Whether you’re a new home owner, or you just want to give your old apartment or office some TLC, you’ll want to check out the Beldray 150 Years 2 in 1 Floor and Window Cleaner. This multi-function cleaning device combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to clean your floors, windows, and mirrors, without the hassle of having to use multiple tools. In addition to the standard squeegee, the cleaner comes with a large mop head, an extendable pole, and a spray function that enables you to tackle those hard-to-reach areas. You’ll also get two mop head pads, so you can clean the whole room instead of just your windows.

In addition to the fancy name, the 2-in-1 Floor and Window Cleaner also features an anti-bacterial treatment, a swivel head, and a built-in water tank. These features make it a breeze to keep your house looking like a hotel. The cleaner also measures up to its task, measuring 120 l x 36 w x 9.5 h, making it easy to store and transport.

Squeegee blades

Whether you are cleaning the windows in your home, or you have a commercial business, squeegees are essential window washer tools. They are a great way to remove water and residue from windows, while also creating a seal on them. Choosing the right squeegee will ensure that your windows are clean and streak-free.

The main components of a window squeegee are the blade and the channel. While the blade is usually made from rubber, there are some alternatives available.

A brass squeegee is the most durable and rust-proof option. However, it is less rigid than aluminum or stainless steel. If you have larger windows, a squeegee with a longer channel will be more effective.

Some squeegees have an extension pole, which can be extended up to 30 inches. This makes it easy to reach windows that are high up or at the corners of windows. It is important to choose a squeegee that is robust enough to withstand high-pressure cleaning.

Microfiber cloths

Using microfiber cloths for window washing is a great way to reduce the amount of dusting you have to do. It’s a safe and convenient alternative to paper towels and is better at picking up dirt and grime. A microfiber cleaning cloth will also give your windows a streak free shine.

Choosing the right cloth for your needs is the first step to a successful cleaning job. You don’t want a towel that will leave your windows lint-free, but you don’t need a rag that will scratch the glass either. There are several options for choosing a good quality microfiber washcloth.

Most of these cloths have a waffle-weave design that helps to absorb dust and debris. They are also edgeless, which increases their durability and prevents scratching.

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