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Window Cleaning Tips (Demo)

window cleaning system

Whether you are a commercial or residential window cleaner, it is important that you have the proper equipment and tools to do your job. Whether you use a wet brush system or a water fed pole system, there are a number of tips to keep in mind.

Proper equipment

Getting the proper equipment for window cleaning is an important step to ensure a clean and streak-free finish. Depending on your building and the type of windows you have, you may need different tools. Here are some of the main items you need to have on hand.

The squeegee is a common cleaning implement that can be used to wipe away water and soap from glass. A squeegee is usually made from rubber and can be purchased in different shapes. Some are more effective than others. Some are made of plastic, which is easier to change.

A microfiber sleeve is another common window cleaning implement. This type of sleeve is very absorbent and can clean windows very quickly. This sleeve can be as large as 24 inches. It can also be machine washed for reuse.

Water fed pole system

Using a water fed pole to clean windows is a great way to get rid of streaks and dirt from windows without the use of harsh chemicals. The system is also a safer alternative to a ladder.

A water fed pole system is also very useful for cleaning windows that are difficult to access. For example, Velux windows or windows in apartment buildings or houses with narrow alleys. It also eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous extension ladders.

Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, a water fed pole system is safe for kids and pets. It doesn’t use harsh detergents, and there is no soapy residue that could harm other windows or siding.

The water fed pole cleaning system works by pumping purified water through a hose reel. It is then fed through a brush to scrub the windows. The water breaks the seal between dirt and glass, allowing the dirt to be easily removed. The water is then rinsed off, leaving the windows streak free.

Scissor lifts

Using a scissor lift can increase your productivity, decrease your safety risks and help you avoid common mistakes that can cause injury. A scissor lift for window cleaning can also be used to safely perform outdoor renovations. Unlike ladders, scissor lifts are safe to operate and allow you to perform the task without a lot of risk.

A scissor lift can be used to reach different heights and carry different loads. A scissor lift for window cleaners is an excellent choice for low-rise buildings. Using a scissor lift for window cleaning can save you from a lot of back pain and avoid the risk of injury caused by falling.

In addition to the usual tools like brushes, squeegees, rags and water bottles, window cleaners use a T-bar wand to remove debris from the windows. A glass scraper is also a useful tool to help remove construction materials from windows.

Wet brush system

Using a Wet Brush System for window cleaning will remove all dirt and debris from the glass. This type of window cleaning system uses pure water. The water breaks the bond between the dirt and the glass, so it can be easily rinsed away. It leaves no residue or streaks after the window is dry.

It’s similar to the spot-free rinsing you would see at a drive-thru car wash. This system is also safe for pets and kids. It will remove dirt from window cracks, crevices, and skylights.

The Wet Brush System for window cleaning uses a hose that shoots high-pressure water over the glass. The hose is attached to the water fed brush, which is then attached to the top of the water fed pole. These brushes can be made of nylon, boar’s hair, or other materials. These brushes are lightweight and solvent-resistant, and are effective at removing stubborn dirt. They come in different sizes. For larger windows, choose a brush that is at least 12 inches in diameter.

Dangers of working at higher elevations

During high rise window cleaning, safety should be a top priority. This includes proper training for the high-risk workers. Additionally, the company should provide safety equipment. The following are a few examples of safety measures to consider:

Using an appropriate type of ladder. For example, if the job involves scaling buildings over 15 feet off the ground, then a telescopic ladder may be in order.

Using the right type of ladder is important to a successful window cleaning job. However, if you are cleaning a high rise building, you may want to consider using a hydraulic pole instead. These types of poles are less likely to cause a fall and can reduce your risk of injury.

Another important safety tip is to ensure that the ladder you use is not frayed. A frayed cord can easily pull you off the platform. You may also want to consider using a safety line while working at heights.

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