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Window Cleaning Tips (Demo)

window cleaning tips

If you are having trouble keeping your windows clean, there are several easy ways to do this. These tips include using Newspapers, Micro-fibre cloths, Vinegar, and Baking soda. You can also use Pine-sol, which smells great! Use these simple cleaning tips for windows and keep your house smelling fresh!


Newspapers are a great way to clean windows because they are made from dense fibers that will not scratch glass. Unlike paper towels, newspapers will not leave lint behind. This makes them a much more economical option. Newspapers can also be recycled after cleaning. Newspapers are widely available.

Newspapers have been used as window cleaning scrubs for a long time. They can remove stains and grease and are effective at cleaning windows. You can also mix a solution of vinegar and water and use it to clean your windows. If you have a thicker layer of dirt, you can use more vinegar. Newspapers are also a good choice for drying windows.

Newspapers have a high absorbency, which makes them an effective window cleaning solution. They also don’t leave streaks. Newspapers can also be used to wipe water from windows. You can use newspaper to clean windows even if you don’t use any cleaning solution. Just be sure to wear rubber gloves, since the newspaper ink can get wet.

Micro-fibre cloths

Micro-fibre cloths for window-cleaning are reusable and durable. The cloths are able to grab dust and dirt without leaving any residue, which makes them ideal for a wide range of cleaning applications. They come in packs of eight and are available in green or blue. They are soft and absorbent, and are suitable for windows that are quite large.

Unlike other cleaning cloths, micro-fibre cloths are woven into a smoother, flatter surface. It is also important to remember that the micro-fibre count is very important, as a microfiber cloth needs to be about 1/50th of the size of a human hair to perform effectively.


One of the most effective ways to clean windows is to make a vinegar solution. To do this, mix a cup of white vinegar with one cup of water. Dip a rag or sponge into the solution and then wipe the windows in an S-motion. If streaks occur, you can rewet the rag with equal parts vinegar and water. After cleaning the windows, wipe them dry using a microfiber cloth. If you do not have a microfiber cloth, you can use a paper towel instead. Be careful when wiping the window as lint will cause streaking.

While washing windows with a vinegar solution, make sure to wash them with plenty of warm water. It is best to clean windows when the sun is not directly hitting them. The heat of the sun can dry the solution on the windows and result in streaks.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaner that can be used for window cleaning. It will clean windows without scratching them and it is gentle on the windows. Use a rag with a little baking soda mixed in it and clean the windows using gentle pressure. You should also rinse the window thoroughly with hot water after using baking soda for window cleaning.

This substance is a versatile and inexpensive window cleaner. You can use it to clean the sills, frames, and tracks of windows. You can use it to remove dirt, grease, and grime. Unlike store-bought window cleaners, baking soda is free of harmful chemicals.

Garden hose

A garden hose has many uses, and one of those uses is for washing windows. When cleaning windows, use a garden hose spray attachment with low pressure so that you don’t damage the glass or siding. You should also choose a spray attachment that has a wide water flow so that the windows are evenly washed. This will also help to avoid streaking.

The exterior window should be hosed down first. This step is critical as it removes the first layer of dirt. Once the windows are wet, the detail work will be easier. It is also a good excuse for a splash of water.

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